Kingston City Council Endorses Poverty Reduction Strategy

Kingston City Council passed the following motion at it meeting of June 3, 2008

4. Round Table on Poverty Reduction Strategy

THAT Council endorse the principles for a poverty reduction strategy contained in the 25-in-5 Founding Declaration, specifically:

a) Sustaining employment that assures a living standard above poverty for any adult working full-time throughout the year and includes fair pay and stable working conditions for all;

b) Liveable incomes for everybody, including those unable to work;

c) Strong and supportive communities with affordable housing, early learning and child care, public education and community programs that help people connect;

– and further

THAT Council direct the Community Development Services Group to develop a plan in collaboration with the Community Roundtable on Poverty Reduction by which the City of Kingston can advance poverty reduction strategies;

– and further –

THAT the City share this plan with its partners in other municipalities and the Province.
(Note: A memo from the Community Roundtable on Poverty Reduction dated May 22, 2008, is attached as Schedule Page 150)

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