MPP Consultation Don Valley (June 9)

Community Consultation June 9, at a Grenoble Public School in Don Valley West, co-hosted by:

Hon. David Caplan, MPP (Don Valley East); Hon. Kathleen Wynne, MPP (Don Valley West); David Zimmer, MPP (Willowdale)

Volunteers handed out the 25 in 5 Declaration as people entered the meeting and all 3 MPPs were aware of it, and aware that supporters were present at the meeting.

Both Kathleen Wynne and David Zimmer mentioned their interest in the views of people who support the Declaration, especially about how to measure poverty and how to reduce it.

Despite the fact that the meeting was held in a low-income neighbourhood, it was presumably the brief notice of the meeting that resulted in 75 people attending it. Community groups which were active were present, in particular from Kathleen Wynn’s riding, and articulate about how the people that they were helping needed the benefits of a provincial poverty reduction strategy.

Deb Matthews was able to attend the final 45 minutes of the meeting, and both she and Kathleen Wynne each affirmed that their Cabinet Committee developing the Government’s poverty reduction strategy welcomed the views of people around the province about what it should include, and so emphasized the importance of feedback and popular participation in the development of the strategy.

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