Interested in Poverty Reduction and Social Justice?
Don’t miss the latest on 25 in 5 and more!

When: Monday, December 1, 2008

Time: 7 – 9 p.m.

Where: Memorial Hall, Kingston City Hall
216 Ontario Street, Kingston  MAP

Community Organizer and Retired Ryerson Professor
Marvyn Novick
(Social Planning Network of Ontario, 25 in 5 and Campaign 2000)

Marvyn is here as part of the 25 in 5 Network campaign to present a “Blueprint” on how we can reduce poverty in Ontario by 25% in 5 years. Join us to learn the latest on the “Blueprint for Poverty Reduction”. Discuss how we can support the strategies and work together in Kingston and area to develop and act on the “Blueprint”.

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One thought on “Blueprint for Poverty Reduction (Kingston)

  1. Tell me I can’t do math. I’ll believe you. 25 in 5 is a cute slogan. However, how much poverty will be reduced by a 25 % reduction in 5 years with a 50% reduction in 10 yeasr policy. Whose poverty will be reduced? In 5 years, 25 people out of 100 will no longer be living in poverty or 1 poor person out of 4.

    This means 3 people will still be living in poverty. Is that acceptable?

    To me it isn’t: I have a slogan, too: I call it 5, 4, 3. In 5 years, out of 4 people living in poverty, 3 people will still be living in poverty.

    Is that acceptable to you?

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