Wednesday Do The Math Challenge Update

Wednesday October 6th, 2010

  1. Diana Stapleton Speaks at Press Conference
  2. “Poverty Hits Hard in City Core” Spectator covers Different Impacts of Poverty and Food Insecurity event yesterday in Hamilton
  3. Listen to Ottawa CBC morning show for interview with Ottawa Challenge Team Member
  4. Muskoka Challenge Team
  5. Woodstock Challenge Team
  6. Hamilton Challenge Team
  7. Spread the Word


1. Diana Stapleton: Chairperson of Weston Emergency Food Bank said at press conference: “I have supported the Liberal party in Ontario for most of my life, but if you cannot see your way to doing a better job helping the most vulnerable members of our community I will have to take my vote elsewhere.” Hear her speak here!

2. Poverty Hits Hard in City Core: Ines Rios, executive director of St. Joseph’s Immigrant Women’s Centre, said when she moved to Canada from Chile in her late 20s, “I thought this country will have justice because there are so many resources. I thought it was impossible that I would ever be poor or see poverty.” For full story see here.

3. Listen to Ottawa CBC morning show: If you are in the Ottawa area listen for Challenge Team members Sara Lyons and Holly Ralph on the CBC morning talk show – sometime between 6:00 and 8:30!

4. Muskoka Challenge Team

5. Woodstock Challenge team: includes Woodstock Sentinel-Review reporter Bruce Urquhart and his Day Two of Challenge report is here

6. Hamilton Challenge Team includes:

7. Spread the Word: You can help us spread the word of the Do the Math Challenge by forwarding this email through your networks. Thank you!! Please forward this email among your networks. And follow The Challenge on Posterous and on Twitter.

Do The Math, Put Food In The Budget

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