Root causes of inequality and poverty

Response to Toronto Star editorial Re: Welfare Reform: Breaking the cycle of poverty, Editorial, Dec. 4 In her announcement of the social assistance review, Social Services Minister Madeleine Meilleur unfortunately refers to reform that will “empower low-income Ontarians, including social assistance recipients, to break out of the cycle of poverty,” which the Star picked up […]

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Hard To Have Dignity If You’re Hungry

The McGuinty government’s poverty-reduction strategy is not addressing the needs of hundreds of thousands of Ontario residents. In fact, the most recent Ontario budget heightens the food insecurity people on social assistance experience and undermines the well-being of our communities. Food insecurity means everything from being hungry to not knowing where the next meal is […]

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2010 Budget Holds Only Threat For Ontario’s Most Vulnerable

TORONTO, March 25, 2010 /CNW The 2010 Budget fails the test of a Government committed to a comprehensive poverty reduction plan for Ontarians. An amount of $57 million is designated as an increase to the Basic Needs Allowance for people on social assistance, which is 1%, while inflation is projected to be 2% or higher […]

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No Relief in Sight This Thanksgiving: 1700 Ontarians “Do the Math” and Find Social Assistance Rates Don’t Add Up

PRESS RELEASE October 8, 2009 TORONTO – Thanksgiving is a time to remember that everyone should have enough food to eat — if not to celebrate with an abundant meal, at the very least to meet the minimum requirements for health and dignity. But data released from a new website shows what too many people […]

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Poverty Reduction is Smart Economics: Federal Government Urged to Act on Social Investments, Put Tax Cuts on Backburner

January 13, 2009 For Immediate Release TORONTO – With a January 27 federal budget on the horizon, the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction is urging Finance Minister Flaherty to invest in social programs and infrastructure as the centerpiece of a much-needed stimulus package for Canada’s ailing economy. “Mounting evidence shows that investment in […]